If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all. You can read her reflections about this speech upon its 25th anniversary here. Earlier today, I participated in a World Health Organization forum. This means not only setting targets and indicators, but catalysing commitments in terms of policy, financing and action, to ensure that the future will bring health to all women and girls – whoever they are, wherever they live. “First of all I would like to say good morning to all my … Every woman deserves the chance to realize her own God-given potential. God’s blessings on you, your work, and all who will benefit from it. Women comprise more than half the world’s population, 70 percent of the world’s poor, and two-thirds of those who are not taught to read and write. Watch and read it here. Hillary Clinton: How far have women come? I have met with the leading women of my own hemisphere who are working every day to promote literacy and better health care for children in their countries. Essays Related to Speech - Women and Mental Health. Good health is the precious thing a person gets in his/her life. Some mental health problems last for only short periods of time, while others can last a lifetime. And among those rights are the right to speak freely and the right to be heard. Suffrage was achieved without a shot being fired. We are not drinking enough water. Women’s rights let women be independent and treated fairly. And that is why WHO and its partners are developing a new global strategy for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health, and working to enshrine the health of women in the post 2015 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Read our women's health articles to learn about your physical and emotional health. Thirty-eight percent of women suffer from one or more chronic diseases, compared to 30 percent of men. This conference will highlight the lifesaving work we can do together to improve the health and outcomes for women across the globe. Yet too often, research and medicine ignore this insight — and the often startlingly different ways in which the two sexes respond to disease or treatment. Distinguished delegates and guests, I would like to thank the secretary-general for inviting me to be part of this important United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. That’s why WHO is working so hard to strengthen health systems and ensure that countries have robust financing systems and sufficient numbers of well-trained, motivated health workers. National Stalking Awareness Month 6. WHO, The Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, 2016-2030. They died as a result of road traffic accidents, harmful use of tobacco, abuse of alcohol, drugs and substances, and obesity -- more than 50% of women are overweight in Europe and the Americas. Let them listen to the voices of women in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. This Is Not The End - Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health. We've come a long way since 1995--and it is time to celebrate women and their achievements. Her words came in response to male ministers who had protested the convention, arguing that women … It's time to rethink. Depression is the most common mental health problem for women and suicide a leading cause of death for women under 60. It is a violation of human rights when women and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution for human greed, and the kinds of reasons that are used to justify this practice should no longer be tolerated. Women's health refers to the health of women, which differs from that of men in many unique ways. As an American, I want to speak for women in my own country—women who are raising children on the minimum wage, women who can’t afford health care or child care, women whose lives are threatened by violence, including violence in their own homes. Health is Wealth Speech 4. 1. If women are free from violence, their families will flourish. It is indefensible that many women in nongovernmental organizations who wished to participate in this conference have not been able to attend or have been prohibited from fully taking part. You will be fitter if you just cycled to work. In that forum, we talked about ways that government officials, NGOs, and individual citizens are working to address the health problems of women and girls. Speech on Health and Fitness Health and Fitness Speech 1. 1. That is why every woman, every man, every child, every family, and every nation on our planet does have a stake in the discussion that takes place here. Reproductive health: Sexual and reproductive health problems are responsible for one third of health issues for women between the ages of 15 and 44 years.Unsafe sex is a major risk factor – particularly among women and girls in developing countries. About 13 million adolescent girls (under 20) give birth every year. It is a violation of human rights when young girls are brutalized by the painful and degrading practice of genital mutilation. Let’s go through speeches on wo… And time and again, our talk turns to our children and our families. Women Empowerment Speech. Getting older: Having often worked in the home, older women may have fewer pensions and benefits, less access to health care and social services than their male counterparts. We come together in fields and factories. Reproductive health: Sexual and reproductive health problems are responsible for one third of health issues for women between the ages of 15 and 44 years. Many suffer the consequences of unsafe abortion. Many children and adolescents have mental health problems that interfere with their daily life. And there has been an upsurge in high-level political will – evidenced most recently in the United Nations Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. Julia Gillard on misogyny. It is a violation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own families, and that includes being forced to have abortions or being sterilized against their will. Twenty years after countries signed pledges in the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, women still face many health problems and we must re-commit to addressing them. Being young: Adolescent girls face a number of sexual and reproductive health challenges: STIs, HIV, and pregnancy. Diana Speeches Speech given by Diana, Princess of Wales on "Women and Mental Health" 1st June 1993 Women and Mental Health. This is why it is so important to get services to the 222 million women who aren’t getting the contraception services they need. It took 72 years of organized struggle before that happened on the part of many courageous women and men. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. And when women are excluded from the political process, they become even more vulnerable to abuse. This article, we’ll learn women empowerment speech for all students who need ideas to write speed or essay on women empowerment first of all before start speech let me clear now about women. Nearly half of adults—133 million people—have a chronic illness, and half of those have two or more chronic conditions. Now it is time to act on behalf of women everywhere. Mental health: Evidence suggests that women are more prone than men to experience anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints – physical symptoms that cannot be explained medically. ‘I know I have the body of a weak, … There are some who wonder whether the lives of women and girls matter to economic and political progress around the globe. That is the work before you; that is the work before all of us who have a vision of the world we want to see for our children and our grandchildren. What we are learning around the world is that if women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. If you are suffering from depression please seek help. The vast majority of these deaths occur in low and middle income countries where screening, prevention and treatment are almost non-existent, and where vaccination against human papilloma virus needs to take hold. We need to understand there is no one formula for how women should lead our lives. Even today, there are those who are trying to silence our words. Whether it is while playing with our children in the park or washing clothes in a river or taking a break at the office watercooler, we come together and talk about our aspirations and concerns. We have avoided another world war. Good morning to the respected teachers and all my dear friends. Too many young women still struggle to protect themselves against sexual transmission of HIV and to get the treatment they require. We know more, and we are getting better at applying our knowledge. Talk to someone You are worthy! Then Prime Minister Julia Gillard's war cry against the then leader of the … Helping sensitise women to mental health issues, and giving them the confidence to seek assistance, is vital. We only need one food safety agency. Though she delivered several speeches during the 2017 graduation season, her address at Agnes Scott College—a small women's college in Georgia—was … We share a common future. Today, one in three women under 50 has experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a partner, or non-partner sexual violence – violence which affects their physical and mental health in the short and long-term. Here are ten of the main issues regarding women's health that keep me awake at night: Cancer: Two of the most common cancers affecting women are breast and cervical cancers. It is conferences like this that compel governments and peoples everywhere to listen, look, and face the world’s most pressing problems. Thank you very much, Gertrude Mongella, for your dedicated work that has brought us to this point. Our goals for this conference—to strengthen families and societies by empowering women to take greater control over their own destinies—cannot be fully achieved unless all governments, here and around the world, accept their responsibility to protect and promote internationally recognized human rights. In my country, we recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Elizabeth I, ‘Speech to the Troops at Tilbury’ (1588) Elizabeth I. Women's sexual health, like men's, is important to emotional and physical well-being. These types of problems usually occur in both under developed and developing countries. Although talking about sexuality can be difficult, it's a topic well worth addressing. National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness Month 7. Families rely on mothers and wives for emotional support and care; families rely on women for labor in the home; and increasingly everywhere, families rely on women for income needed to raise healthy children and care for other relatives. At this very moment, as we sit here, women around the world are giving birth, raising children, cooking meals, washing clothes, cleaning houses, planting crops, working on assembly lines, running companies, and running countries. These abuses have continued because, for too long, the history of women has been a history of silence. But it is also time to take stock of how women’s rights are fulfilled in the world --especially the right to health. Most of these deaths could have been prevented, had access to family planning and to some quite basic services been in place. Use of services, especially those for sexual and reproductive health, has increased in some countries. Tomorrow, I will attend a gathering of the United Nations Development Fund for Women. For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone: (02) 6205 1700 Teen Mental Disorders. Over the past 25 years, I have worked persistently on issues relating to women, children, and families. It is also a coming together, much the way women come together every day in every country. It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire, and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small. Read Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ‘Women’s Rights’ Speech From 1995 ... NGOs, and individual citizens are working to address the health problems of women and girls. In 2015, in too many countries, “women’s empowerment” remains a pipedream - little more than a rhetorical flourish added to a politician’s speech. Travel health needs to be given more importance. Sexually transmitted infections: I’ve already mentioned the importance of protecting against HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection (the world’s most common STI). The international community has long acknowledged—and recently reaffirmed at Vienna—that both women and men are entitled to a range of protections and personal freedoms, from the right of personal security to the right to determine freely the number and spacing of the children they bear. Complications from those pregnancies and childbirth are a leading cause of death for those young mothers. Members of the U.S. House and Senate, doctors, and advocates with differing perspectives on reproductive rights testified at a hearing on the Women's Health … And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well. But we are not there yet. As long as discrimination and inequities remain so commonplace everywhere in the world, as long as girls and women are valued less, fed less, fed last, overworked, underpaid, not schooled, subjected to violence in and out of their homes, the potential of the human family to create a peaceful, prosperous world will not be realized. In village markets and supermarkets. Women must enjoy the right to participate fully in the social and political lives of their countries if we want freedom and democracy to thrive and endure. At providing young girls a good start in life. Too many women are still missing out on the opportunity to get educated, support themselves, and obtain the health services they need, when they need them. Let them look at the women gathered here and at Huairou, the homemakers and nurses, the teachers and lawyers, the policy makers and women who run their own businesses. Unsafe sex is a major risk factor – particularly among women and girls in developing countries. In Madsen v. Women’s Health Center, Inc., 512 U.S. 753 (1994), the Supreme Court addressed the conflict between the First Amendment rights of antiabortion protestors and women’s constitutional right to abortions. That is why we must respect the choices that each woman makes for herself and her family. Clinton’s Unapologetic Defense of Abortion Rights. No one should be forced to remain silent for fear of religious or political persecution, arrest, abuse, or torture. 78,000 women die every year from unsafe abortion, a statistic that could be virtually eliminated by the provision of appropriate health information and services and law reform efforts. Tomorrow, I … Women also are dying from diseases that should have been prevented or treated; they are watching their children succumb to malnutrition caused by poverty and economic deprivation; they are being denied the right to go to school by their own fathers and brothers; they are being forced into prostitution; and they are being barred from the bank-lending offices and banned from the ballot box. But it is also time to take stock of how women’s rights are fulfilled in the world --especially the right to health. New evidence shows significant mistreatment of women during childbirth, Eleanor Nwadinobi, fighting for Nigerian women’s rights to health and protection, Indian health workers transform care for women survivors of violence, 10 key issues in ensuring gender equity in the global health workforce, Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-2019), Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) ». It is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war. Women’s health refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. HIV: Three decades into the AIDS epidemic, it is young women who bear the brunt of new HIV infections. Cervical Health Awareness Month 2. A warm good morning to the excellencies, my respected teachers and my dear colleagues. I would like to speech over health and fitness at this special occasion. By gathering in Beijing, we are focusing world attention on issues that matter most in our lives, the lives of women and their families: access to education, health care, jobs, and credit, the chance to enjoy basic legal and human rights and participate fully in the political life of our countries. National Glaucoma Awareness Month 4. The great challenge of this conference is to give voice to women everywhere whose experiences go unnoticed, whose words go unheard. Some mental health problems are minor, while others are more severe. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (Jan. 22–27) I have met working parents in Denmark who talk about the comfort they feel in knowing that their children can be cared for in safe and nurturing after-school centers. Dr Flavia Bustreo, Former Assistant Director-General, Family, Women's and Children's Health Yet much of the work we do is not valued—not by economists, not by historians, not by popular culture, not by government leaders. Below, the full text of Clinton’s speech as delivered. We also must recognize that women will never gain full dignity until their human rights are respected and protected. It’s important for health workers to be alert to violence so they can help prevent it, as well as provide support to people who experience it. It means respecting the views of those who may disagree with the views of their governments. I want to speak up for mothers who are fighting for good schools, safe neighborhoods, clean air, and clean airwaves; for older women, some of them widows, who find that after raising their families, their skills and life experiences are not valued in the marketplace; for women who are working all night as nurses, hotel clerks, or fast-food chefs so that they can be at home during the day with their children; and for women everywhere who simply don’t have time to do everything they are called upon to do each and every day. Beijing+25: where are we now, and where do we go next? If we take bold steps to better the lives of women, we will be taking bold steps to better the lives of children and families too. Read the transcript of the speech in its entirety here: "At a challenging moment in our history, let us remind ourselves that we the hundreds of thousands, the millions of women… But it was a bloodless war. It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and for the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights. Women experience unique health care challenges and are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than men. Informative. Combine the greater risk of poverty with other conditions of old age, like dementia, and older women also have a higher risk of abuse and generally, poor health. Then the first lady of the United States, Clinton famously declared that “women’s rights are human rights,” while criticizing the Chinese government’s coercive family-planning policy and the hardships faced by women around the world. The latest global figures show that around half a million women die from cervical cancer and half a million from breast cancer each year. Violence against women: Women can be subject to a range of different forms of violence, but physical and sexual violence – either by a partner or someone else – is particularly invidious. Those of us who have the opportunity to be here have the responsibility to speak for those who could not. But we have also been reminded, in V-J Day observances last weekend, of the good that comes when men and women join together to combat the forces of tyranny and to build a better world. I have met new mothers in Indonesia who come together regularly in their village to discuss nutrition, family planning, and baby care. On January 21, 2017, an estimated 500,000 women in pink hats gathered at the Women's March in Washington D.C. for the largest public rally for women's right in recent history. According to the Centers for Disease Control a… This is truly a celebration—a celebration of the contributions women make in every aspect of life: in the home, on the job, in the community, as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, learners, workers, citizens, and leaders. Tragically, women are most often the ones whose human rights are violated. We have seen peace prevail in most places for a half century. Good morning to everyone seated here. Women's health is an example of population health, where health is defined by the World Health Organization as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". National Folic Acid Awareness Week (Jan. 7–13) 9. “Now it is time to act on behalf of women everywhere.”. This is why it is so important to get services to the 222 million women who aren’t getting the contraception services they need. But those benefits do not extend everywhere and in 2013, almost 300 000 women died from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Health is an important factor that contributes to human wellbeing and economic growth. As we all know that good health is really a boon and real jewel of the happy life. Sojourner Truth, an escaped slave, feminist activist and abolitionist, delivered this iconic speech at the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio in 1851. In living rooms and boardrooms. Women empowerment in India is little lagging behind than other Western countries. Noncommunicable diseases: In 2012, some 4.7 million women died from noncommunicable diseases before they reached the age of 70 —most of them in low- and middle-income countries. With this article, we are going to talk about the importance of women in our society and the need to empower them. Godspeed and thank you very much. When I lie awake thinking of women and their health globally, I remind myself: the world has made a lot of progress in recent years. EverydayHealth.com is the leading online source of health news and information. Maternal health: Many women are now benefitting from massive improvements in care during pregnancy and childbirth introduced in the last century. As you know when we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8thMarch every year. But the voices of this conference and of the women at Huairou must be heard loudly and clearly: It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls. It took 150 years after the signing of our Declaration of Independence for women to win the right to vote. However different we may appear, there is far more that unites us than divides us. That’s why WHO, with UN and world partners, are coming together at the UN Commission on Status of Women from 9-20 March 2015 in New York. But we have not solved older, deeply rooted problems that continue to diminish the potential of half the world’s population. Two important factors that influence women’s health – namely, school enrolment rates for girls and greater political participation of women - have risen in many parts of the world. It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes, by their own relatives. Our health library, community page, eNewsletter, & wellness events offer important medical knowledge & promote women’s well-being. Women of reproductive age (18-44) with hypertension are at an increased risk for mortality due to cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Saluting Her Contribution to the Society!! Women's health and rights: 25 years of progress? Some of the most common rights they fight for are the right to vote, equal pay, owning land and getting an education. NWBPAW provides information to empower women to take control of their health by sharing everyday actions they can take to maintain a healthy blood pressure and improve their overall heart health. As pioneering doctor Paula Johnson describes in this thought-provoking talk, lumping everyone in together means we essentially leave women's health to chance. I believe that, now on the eve of a new millennium, it is time to break the silence. National Radon Action Month 5. The time is now. Over the past two and a half years, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing women in my own country and around the world. Women and children make up a large majority of the world’s refugees. I have met the doctors and nurses in Belarus and Ukraine who are trying to keep children alive in the aftermath of Chernobyl. National Birth Defects Prevention Month 3. Today am going to talk about women empowerment and why is it so much important in today’s world. But achieving a satisfying sex life takes self-reflection and candid communication with your partner. We are the primary caretakers for most of the world’s children and elderly. Let this conference be our—and the world’s—call to action. And we are here to find common ground so that we may help bring new dignity and respect to women and girls all over the world—and in so doing, bring new strength and stability to families as well. The truth is that most women around the world work both inside and outside the home, usually by necessity.